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Growth of Babies Age 6-11 Months ..

Age 6-11 months, babies begin to crawl and you have been to watch, most babies at this age have started to move freely like: roll over, playing with hands and feet, began to babble, learn to sit, watching the movements of people and surrounding objects, interested in his own image in the mirror, crawling, when held to stand up straight ..

at this age baby also have started to learn to walk by clinging with furniture and shifted his feet, baby take courage and balance to be moved, needs exercise long time, a baby's first steps at the age of 11 months, but there is also at the age of 15 or 16 months ..

at the time your baby has started walking, you have to condition your home in safety, keep the things that will harm the baby ..
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Growth of Babies Age 4-6 Months ..

At this stage, your baby's growth more amazing and amusing, then from that a mother needs to give the toys that stimulate motor development and coordination. Although many babies have behaved like eating at this age, but do not rush to give it before the age of 6 months.

At this age stage, the baby teeth begin to grow, a baby will experience pain during the first dentition. causing pain often fussy baby is always followed by increased body temperature, although not causing a high fever. As for the signs of having a baby teething, among others:
1. Fussing and crying more frequently at night.
2. Many salivating.
3. Always bite to reduce pain.
4. Blushing.
5. Body temperature rose slightly (no more 39 C)
6. Swollen and red gums.
7. Decreased appetite.
8. Frequently requested or reject milk.
9. Do not sleep soundly
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Growth of Baby (0-3 months)

Infant growth and other one is not the same, so you do not need to compare your baby with others, the baby grows from day to day, month to month and year to year, there was no specific reference to measure the growth of the baby, but it can be proved in several baby. Following instructions can be used as reference in monitoring the growth of a baby ..

After a few weeks old, parents can recognize the baby's crying because of hunger, tired or just want to be stroked. What to do when the baby cries? Some parents worry too quick to respond to infant crying, because it was thought that the response is too fast can spoil a baby. Yet research shows that babies who do not respond quickly to a lot of crying when the baby, to feel comfortable, immediately responded to his cries with a hug or a gentle hug. When he heard the baby crying, parents should not worry or even anger. otherwise, parents understand why the baby cries.
Some experts say that children have a crying baby reasons as follows:
1. starvation. for that you suck even if briefly.
2. Because too hot or too cold. when hot, you need a thin dressing that can absorb body perspiration, when cold, you should cover arms and legs.
3. Because colic (in wind) which resulted in bloated. for that you need to breastfeed or gently massaging baby's tummy in a clockwise direction.
4. Because of wet and dirty diapers, then you should replace it ..
5. Because of boredom, then lift the baby out of bed or out of the room to invite more than a walk.
6. Because for attention, then smoothed atu kiss your baby.

However, increasing age of the complex reasons for the crying baby, including loss of his favorite possessions, like the company, hit something, grow teeth, or fear of separation. to anticipate the cause of the baby crying, you just comforting to caress.
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