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Children Education

As parents we want to provide the best education for our children. And it can be done in various ways, select a good school for our children.

When entering our children to play with different kindergarten, because the main concern is adapting / socialization with friends beside them have other purposes are.

playing & having fun, sharing, feel the "win and lose," to train children's creativity, motorict, prepare children so that at the time of entering kindergarten is no longer difficult to interact in / with the teachers as well as adapting his friends ..
TK consideration for selection are:

Religion, find schools that match the religion because religious subjects must be introduced to the children since he's in the womb also Ortua & since he already knew / know his religion. Or search for schools that are not based on religion so that certain children are expected to know and realize the existence of religious differences, racial differences in children and can be impolite to the other and children aware of the identity itself, but also flexible interact with those who differ from themselves.

Location, close to the house because the children are still small, easy to deliver and pick up. If forced to choose the school that is located far from home, use of school buses can be considered. School buses can train children to independent and bersosialisai with friends who are in the bus especially when both parents work and that no one can take and pick up, but if children use the school bus will be too long in the school bus.

Curriculum, quality education, the ability of teachers and school children do not kill creativity, where the child is not prosecuted for their teachers will follow.

Cost, a cost that is not too expensive and the quality does not disappoint.
When children enter school in a higher elementary school, junior high, high school considering the quality of schools, discipline is preferred, then we think to include our children in private schools in accordance with religious or other considerations. Private schools have better facilities of public schools, and teachers' guide, which is always, can lead easily found, with a high-paid private schools can only enjoy a certain faction that ultimately there is no difference in the light. Unlike the public schools of poor akan facilities, teachers who sometimes does not place, so that students "forced" to independent and able to learn himself, and many student diversity. And most were or not, select the school are sometimes obsession of parents & Almamater love.

Children's education is not only disekolah, but at home and in the community around us. Just as parents try to build a strong foundation for them, including mental-spiritual and we must be able to be a good example for our children.

As a parent should not only think IQ children but we try to establish a balance between IQ and EQ (emotional intelligences someone who is influenced by the environment), because children with high EQ are expected to survive in life despite all the problems that children have only low IQ, he menghadapai able to take failure and learn lessons from these failures. To someone who has a low EQ berIQ while high, or above the average - the average will have kecendrungan difficult to control emotions.

Regardless of the business and expectations of parents on children hrus in mind that the child's life is not ours, meaning we want creative children and forth, but all have ngatur future.

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