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Embryo Growth Phase in the Mother Womb

Pregnancy is a highly-awaited part of the pair husband and wife as something other then it is also not pregnant, and let's be grateful if some of us who have entered this period of pregnancy, the pregnancy period is a very fun and very interesting, but you have to know whether the growth phase fetus in the womb?

Sunday 0-4

In the early weeks, the fetus has a body length of approximately 2 mm. Development also marked the emergence of the embryo of the brain, spinal marrow which is simple, and the signs that will face.

Sunday 4-8

When the pregnancy began to reach the age of 6 weeks age, the heart began to rattle fetus, and all other organs began to form. Bone-appear facial bones, eyes, toes, hands and

Sunday 8-12

When entering the weeks, the body's organs have primary fetus. Head size is greater than body, so that the brain can accommodate the growing rapidly. He also has a chin, nose, and a clear lid. In the womb, fetus start surmounted fetal fluids and can perform activities such as kicking with the soft. Body organs fetus has been the main form.

Sunday 12-16

Lungs start developing fetus heart and tap can be heard through the instruments ultrasonografi (USG). Can form the starting face expression and start to grow eyebrow and eyelash. Now he can play his head and open mouth. His hair began to grow rough and colorful.

Sunday 16-20

He can start responding to her mother's voice. Root-root of the tooth still has to appear on the back teeth susu. Her body is covered with fine hair called lanugo. The small start now more coordinated and organized. He can suck thumb and reacts to her mother's voice. Edge-edge taste senses and start developing a sense can distinguish sweet and bitter, and fingers began to appear examination.

Sunday 20-24

At this time, the large body of poppet is comparable with the body. Tools kelaminnya start established, earlobe nose open, and he started to respiratory movement. The centers also began to harden tulangnya. Besides, now he began to have certain times to sleep.

Sunday 24-28

Under the skin, fat has begun to accumulate, whereas in the skin of his scalp hair began bertumbuhan, sheath eyes open, and start otaknya
active. He can now hear, either voice from within and from outside (the environment). He can recognize his mother's voice and tap heart grow fast if her mother spoke. Or can be said that at the time this is a time-period for the fetus began to prepare his day.

Sunday 28-32

Although gerakannya have started limited because of the weight was increasing, but the eyes have started to see the light blinks when the stomach wall through the mother. His head is turned down. Lung-parunya not perfect, but at this time if he was born into the world, the small may have been likely to survive.

36 Sunday

His head has been in the pelvis, as though "prepare" for the birth to the world. He was breathing practice, suck, and swallow. Hair in fine sekujur body has disappeared. Ususnya filled mekonium (feces in the new born baby) which usually will be issued two days after he was born. While this is very close confinement, and can occur at any time.

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