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Twin Pregnancy

Mother who is know if single or twin pregnancy first. Pregnant mother who had previously, on the twin pregnancy babies more "crowded" and the stomach feels bigger than the single pregnancy. To further check, nothing else is doing USG (Ultrasonografi).

The characteristic single or twin pregnancy can be detected clinically are the size of the stomach will look the big 3 or more. If a single child, we will handle the big 2, namely the head and buttocks. While in the twin pregnancy, one back with two heads or two back with two heads.

The cause of twin pregnancies,there has not been able to determine that exactly until now , but the estimates of experts, among others, because:

1. Race / nation
According to the literature, such as race color nation Asia and Africa experienced a greater twin pregnancy rather than race white / European. Although not yet proven to be empirical, but in many cases the pregnancy is seen more often twin experienced mothers pregnant than their skin color is white.

2. Age
With increasing age, the likelihood of twin pregnancy the greater. However, after 40 years of age, the probability of a twin pregnancy will decline again.

3. Hereditas / descent
Twin pregnancy is usually inherited from the Maternal (maternal lineage). When the mother's lineage have a twin, the percentage of children birth to twin bigger. But not closed the possibility patrilineal twin pregnancy can cause. That, the occurrence of the Maternal greater than the line of Paternal.

4. Drugs
Maternal use of drugs to trigger ovulasi eggs ripen cells also increase the chance of a twin pregnancy. What, with the drug which mature egg cells in each cycle so more than one. Medication is usually provided in pairs with a difficult pregnancy factor causes infertilitas ovary. That is why, in the cases that are difficult to get a pair baby then undergo therapy drugs fertilizer, when you end a pregnancy occurs, is usually the twin pregnancy.

5. Procedure fertilisasi in vitro
Here are some of the fertilized embryo in the womb diimplantasikan. Well, if all developed well, the growth occurred more than one.

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