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Asthma in pregnant woman

If pregnant woman have asthma history, so be careful, as long as careful and controlled asthma with a doctor. supply of oxygen that can be less negative impact for growth of the fetus. Therefore, if mother have asthma should control the disease during pregnancy, so that health and her fetus still awake.

Impact on the fetus. Asthma is a respiratory disturbance in the channel because of the smooth muscle constriction in the swelling and respiratory mucous membrane channel, accompanied by excessive mucus production. Symptoms that appear vary, ranging from mild sneezing, mild shortness of breath, until the channel constriction of respiratory failure that ended with the breath (death).

Pregnant woman who asthma relapse, especially the weight and not controlled, experience shortness of breath. This condition causes decreased oxygen supply. If not treated promptly, this condition can cause the fetus include:

* Supplies oxygen to the cell-cell embryo is not sufficient (neonatal Hypoxia).
* The fetus is obstructed.
* Born premature.
* Babies born with low body weight.
* Fetus died suddenly.

To prevent the risk of occurrence of interference on the fetus, pregnant woman who have a need to control the asthma disease is well.

Pregnant woman
1. Maintain the health, physical or mental.
2. Avoid the occurrence of spark asthma attacks.
3. Pregnancy check it regularly.
4. Visit your doctor for treatment since the beginning of asthma.
5. When the larger PREGNANCY, do respiratory exercises to reduce the feeling of shortness, as well as preparation for childbirth.

Doctor womb
1. Help monitor the disease maternal asthma (in cooperation with the medical specialist tuberculosis).
2. Maintain and health MOTHER fetus.
3. Provide information about the relationship between asthma and pregnancy, including efforts to reduce the risk that may arise.

Environmental factors.
Cause disease asthma could be caused many things, among others, infections, air pollution or cigarette smoke, cold / heat, stress, and substance alergen (trigger allergies such as house dust, flea, animal fur, etc.). Therefore, one of the efforts to control asthma during pregnancy is to avoid all things that can trigger asthma relapse, ie, with:
1. Maintain cleanliness and health of the living environment.
2. hand-washing to minimize the occurrence of infections due to viruses, such as flu.

Find a safe drug. Despite asthma drugs have been examined there is no effect in the fetus, the mother should not be consume drug markets. Thus, all drugs must be consumed under the control and guidance according to the doctor.

One type of drug which is safe for pregnant women is asthma medication that is used in a way inhaler with a combination salve breath and anti-swelling. Inhaler also useful when a sudden asthma maternal recurrence. If asthma had been quite calm, concerned that pregnant woman can go to the doctor and still bring inhaler.

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