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Exercises for Pregnant Woman

Exercises for pregnant woman different with exercises that we do normally, because the exercises are tailored to the child must physically change. and exercises are very important for pregnant pregnant woman, get to keep the body healthy and in shape. Exercises pregnancy usually starts when entering third semester third pregnancy, at around the age of 28-30 weeks of pregnancy. In addition to maintaining fitness, pregnancy exercises are also needed to improve physical and mental readiness of prospective mother during childbirth.
Here are some benefits from the exercises pregnancy :

1. Respiratory control techniques.
Trained respiratory technique that pregnant women ready to change and get a good oxygen. Getting a good oxygen will have effect on growth in the fetus in the mother's womb.

2. Strengthen muscle elasticity.
Not all pregnant women have a strong stomach muscles and have a good elasticity, to strengthen and maintain elasticity musculature stomach wall of the pregnant women should be performed acrobatics, so it can prevent or overcome the pain complaint, at the bottom of the stomach complaints and hemorrhoids.

3. Reduce complaints.
Exercises expectant attitude can train the body during pregnancy will reduce the concerns that arise due to changes in body shape.

4. Practice relaxation.
Relaxation is needed during the process of confinement, relaxation processes will be the perfect exercise contraction and relaxation is needed to overcome the tension or pain during childbirth is a process.

5. Avoid trouble.
Gymnastics helps confinement so that mothers can give birth without difficulty, and maintain healthy mother and baby after birth.

Almost every hospital has a maternity program callisthenics pregnancy. There are good and your husband to do the survey the hospital where you will be in labor, while the program exercises pregnancy in the hospital is. Alternatives can be done if the location of the pregnant mother's house away and you do not have enough time to go to the hospital, or pregnant exercises can be done alone at home. However, exercises should be done regularly, with the calm conditions and using a loose-fitting clothing.

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Bryan Carlton said...
pada hari 

Exercise for pregnant women is not only beneficial to yourself but as well as your baby. Exercise helps to replenish our oxygen supply and keep our blood flowing. This in turn bring more nutrient to your developing baby. So if you are not exercising, I highly recommend you start.

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