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having sex during pregnancy

For the couples whom have married, sex is not everything, but it is a responsibility that must be understood in each pair, to have sex not only in normal circumstances but when the pregnant period not be a problem if the condition of pregnant woman are also in normal circumstances and feel, it's OK. but the safe sex must be understood, because it can only take effect later on the condition of the child or the mother.

One of the risks that often happens to have sex the child is a miscarriage. Have sex in a safe for pregnant woman the fetus has reached the age of 5 months and over if there is a medical results prove that we are fast at our birth sex, and of course there are some aspects that you should note in relation to the body and can consult with your doctor the womb . risk of miscarriage as that does not have sex amana beginning emergence flek blood out after intercourse.

There are some aspects that you need to note the relationship to contain the bodies, which include:
a. We suggest you using the condom to have sex.
b. Position do not try to stick to the belly or the belly with your partner.
c. Avoid rough treatment to the sex.

Of course, sex position when pregnant woman should be a more dominant to control the depth of penetration, have sex as a comfortable and safe during pregnancy for the sake of children and pregnant woman, the following position on sex during pregnancy recommend:
1.Woman in the top position, and woman can try to control the inside penetration.
2.seated position, the position of this one man and woman sit sit well above the line of sight or doggy style. Position are very few doctors recommended because this position does not require much movement, and woman also can control the inside penetration.
3.kneel or stand position.
mutual understanding between husband and wife very pregnant at the time hopely, especially in sex related, the most important things for a woman is not you load your body laying on the stomach for sexual and related reduce pressure in the stomach.

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