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Introduction of Toxoplasma

If you who want to plan a pregnancy, it' s better for you be wary of this one parasite. This parasite called toxoplasma gondii and toxoplasma can strike anyone, man and woman - including pregnant woman or not.

This parasite usually use animals as the cat wet nurse in addition to the main animals herbivora, carnivora, omnivara including mammals and birds may also be infected. Geographically, most infections occur in the area a warm and rarely on a cold or the mountains.

One of the animals that often the media as intermediaries toxoplasma is a cat and other pets at home who have, therefore you must be alert to the pet if you want to get pregnant. Examination in early pregnancy should you do, because the initial attack toksoplasmosis your pregnancy, the greater the impact on the fetus caused you. so it's good before you plan a pregnancy to check whether you have a laboratory toksoplasmosis contract.

Symptoms of toxoplasma

Toxoplasma can inspect the human body in different ways:
1. Ingest cat feces in which there are toxoplasma eggs are accidentally, for example, touching the mouth with hands that have been contaminated, such as after gardening, cleaning a cat food or other goods that have been contamination.

2. Consume meat of animal contamination and that it was not cooked before. this parasite from the cyst to go with the meat animal before.

3. From the water that has been contamination.

4. Finally this happens rarely, that is if you receive an organ of transparency or a blood transfusion from donors who have contamination.

Risks of pregnant woman who fell ill toxoplasma will likely to miscarry, the dead fetus, fetus growth is obstructed, the baby was born premature, hidrosefalus, micro-oftalmia (the small size of the eye), choriorenitis (inflammation of the retina), blindness, deaf, brain lesi, organ damage and knowledgeable.


Toxoplasmosis diagnosis in adults is very difficult because the disease is usually not accompanied by symptoms that means. New suspicions arise when the child is born with a difference and it was already too late. Examination that can be done, among other checks serologis (blood serum).

Examination is often done along with rubella, cytomegalovirus, and herpes simplex, so often referred to as the examination Torch. A person infected with toxoplasmosis if expressed in the blood was detected (imunoglobulin M) antibody IgM and IgG antibody positive.

Toxoplasmosis in Pregnancy Prevention

Prevention is the best step to reduce pain, and death due to this disease. In general, prevention can be done as follows;

1. Avoid consuming the meat raw or half-cooked, and fruits and vegetables that have not been washed.

2. insects that can spread the dung fly like a cat and cockroach in around you.

3. If you have a pet cat, do not let it hang around outside the home increase the likelihood of contact with toxoplasma, but it is better not keep animals at home during pregnancy.

4. Ask other family members to help clean your cat including memandikannya, wash stall and eat.

5. Give your cat eat the food that is cooked well.

6. Perform periodic inspections of your cat's health.

7. Use plastic gloves when you have to clean up cat faeces.

8. Wash hands before eating and after berkontak with raw meat, soil or cat.

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