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Pregnant woman become fat if drinking milk?

Milk is highly recommended for prospective mother who are pregnant because it will make food that is consumed more perfect. However, many prospective mothers fear with milk because it can make her maternal weight gain. Really so?

In fact, the increased body weight is a logical consequence that must be faced by pregnant woman due additional fetus, plasenta, fetal and water. As a prospective mother, to be sure if you are required to observe the pattern of eating a balanced diet.

Milk deemed to meet the needs of protein and calcium for pregnant woman and breastfeeding. In addition, a milk have calories from sugar (laktosa) also, vitamins, and minerals. a milk needed maternal on the first trisemester and second because it is a crucial period of growth it the important organs in the fetus.

About the fact, they are overweight on the calories eaten. Pregnant does not mean eating for two portions, but nutrition accurately and balanced, that means, the additional calories needed for pregnant woman, but only 100 to 300 depending on body weight before pregnancy. Which is important, such as completeness, vitamins, minerals. If it has been the main food and drink plus milk can make the mother is fat, rather than avoid milk, pregnant woman should reduce the Feed or swet food .

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