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Tips to name your children

Giving the name of the baby is a duty that must be done by parents in the world. The name given will be the baby's identity forever. Parents certainly try to give a good name for their children and certainly do not want to give the name of the ugly child. Sometimes the name of a child sometimes prayer is the parent or parents hope their children later on in the future :

1. Beautiful Sounds.
Not only good in the sense, but also good if hear, do not give a name that is easy to hear only, but less precise in its meaning. If you have a last name, adjust the back with the name of your first name so that the child be harmonious with the last name that you using by your children. Do not be too short and not too long and hard to understand. that can be more than 1 because the word can be used later for the passport.

2. Defining Themes.
The parents often choose to give a name to the child is whether western, Islamic or traditional, or a combination of them, this is not a matter of providing consistent and positive meaning.

3. Easy to say.
a unique name that must be better to give a name that is easy to be spoken. name that is difficult in the future people will say the distress call our children. besides the name of the child should be easy to speaking and remember.

4. Own Positive Meaning
The name of the value will give a positive influence on the life of the child, as someone will make a groove in the community. In addition to sound beautiful, as mentioned above that the name of the child is a prayer, for it should name the child has a positive if looking from various perspectives, and do not have a duality of meaning.

5. Easily be called
Nickname must be precise and easy, because the name is short name of day-to-day that the child will be referred to by friends and family. Do not be too long and difficult, because the caller will be making.

6. Appropriate gender.
The most appropriate name is a name that refers to the child's sex. A good name is a name that can reflect the child's sex. Avoid the name with the opposite type of sex especially meaningful ambigue, as this can often be make the child-friend of derision park.

7. Public and is known world.
Give the name of the universal child because later on you will live in the future, and likely will be with people from other parts of the world.

8. Ready-prepared before birth.
prepare the child away from the day before birth to books and other sources.

9. Do not be too long and natural.
Preparation of a series of words should not be too long. Names that are too long do not give the impression that high-flown and negative effects that may appear akan inherent in the child.

10. Baby Name ideas.
Vocabulary name of the baby / child you can get you through a variety of sources, such as the jawa kawi dictionary, dictionary sanscrit dictionary india (www.sabdakos.com), reception student announcements in newspapers and so forth.

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