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Early initiation of breastfeeding for new born baby

Early breastfeeding initiation is the first step so that the children can grow with the optimal. Therefore, a new born baby should be given the opportunity to start to suckle initiation itself, with the way the skin contact with the skin of the mother of the baby at least an hour or more to finish early breastfeeding, in the age of 20 minutes a baby crawling towards breast, and in 50 mins the baby can breatfeeding, but often baby will be cold because the skin of the mother have the ability to adjust the temperature with the temperature needed for babies.

There are five stages of a baby before breastfeeding. In the first 30 minutes of rest is idle, the baby occasionally to see his mother and adjust to the environment. The second phase, 30 to 40 minutes a baby will suck out the sound of movement, hand to mouth enter. Next, the baby will salivate. After that, the baby's foot will press stomach-mother to move to the breast.

Then, at the end, will lick the baby's mother's lap, touching the hilt with his hands, their head will press to chest mother if turned to the right and left.
When in an hour early suckle not also occur, to the hilt nearly to baby mother. But do not enter the stalk to the mouth of a baby, give time of 30 minutes or 1 hour. if not well, takecare the mother and the baby in one room, in the capital for 24 hours. Give only breastmilk with no other food is not dot.

according to expert doctors, the baby who was born normal and separated from his mother, 50 percent can not suckle. While the baby is born with the action and separated from his mother, 100 percent can not suckle.

Even though early breastfeeding initiation is needed, but also depends on the condition of the mother and baby If the bleeding occurs in the mother, either because of surgery or anything, immediately stop IMD, because the result would not be maximal.

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alfasentosa said...
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saya suka baby, apalagi baby yang baru lahir, nice posting (i'm from indonesia)

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