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Immunization for Pregnant Woman

All pregnant woman should be protected from tetanus. Although he is getting the previous immunization, it requires additional tetanus toxoid vaccine.

In many countries, the birth mother in a condition or place that is not hygienic. This raises the risk exposed to tetanus in mothers and babies, tetanus is a major killer of newborn infants.

If a pregnant women not given tetanus immunization and tetanus spore or bacteria into the body, the soul will also be threatened.

Tetanus or bacterial spore to grow in a dirty wound. They can breed if the center strap cut with a knife is not sharp, or if any objects that do not touch the tip of the net center strap. Every tool that touches the center strap should be cleaned first, then boiled or heated over a fire and then cooled. During the first week after birth, hygiene center strap must remain guarded.

All pregnant women should ensure that they get tetanus immunization, which can protect both the mother and baby.

The provision of immunization in pregnant women is safe. Note the schedule of tetanus immunization in pregnant woman:
  • The first: As soon as pregnancy is detected.
  • The second: One month after the vaccine first, and at least two weeks before the birth.
  • The third: 6-12 days after the second vaccine, or during the next pregnancy.
  • The fourth: 1 year after the third vaccine, or during the next pregnancy.
  • The fifth: 1 year after the third vaccine, or during the next pregnancy.

If a girl or woman has been awarded 5 times with a tetanus vaccine within the appropriate range, he will be protected throughout his life. Children are also protected during the initial few weeks after their birth.

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