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Five Birth's Signs

Here are some signs of pregnant woman will birth soon :

1. The speck of blood marks : The speck of blood pink, or slightly brown or red coating such as when you are want to replace the pants in that signs it. Signs mark this servik start shown changes to the way encourage the preparation down to the birth. Do not panic first!!! Because this is also like a sign when a new mother in intimate touch finish third trimester of pregnancy. Whether this is the birth time? Timing really is not close to the natural matter of weeks but has changed some few hours.

2. Mucus a little clotted : serviks was "corked" by thick mucus that protects your baby during pregnancy with the way things blocks into the uterus. When serviks changed, and the more slender, part of the mucus that blocks Bloody show is a pink, brown or red tinged mucous that can be found when wiping after a little while removed. How much you see depends on how quickly these changes occur. You may only notice an increase or otherwise change this block lenders see you out in this amount is quite a lot when you're running to the toilets. Is this also marks of the birth. Yes ... possible in the few hours you will be giving birth.

3. Want to defecate : Dispose of water is the way your body's natural at birth. This also helps clean the stomach while you are at once more liberal member of the babies born to very quickly through the vagina. (remember ... the vagina and rectum separately only a few centimeters only). Is this time to give birth? few hours already birth mother.
4. Contraction : contraction servik help to soften and become more and easier way so that the baby is born for you. Many woman who have experienced contraction time is already very close to the birth process. The difference between the contraction and contraction before the birth process is the birth of a longer duration, frequency, intensity and strength of contraction during the birth process. Contraction at the time of birth tekanannya stronger, more long and short-time short.

5. Spine pain : sudden pain in the spine and often unbearable. But suddenly disappear again. So continue to be repeated. Usually this is a sign of contraction, but you actually feel as backache. If back pain in this nonstop, and the more often you have to enter the process of giving birth because the baby's position is usually at the right place to be born.. he is present to the world

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