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Growth of Babies Age 4-6 Months ..

At this stage, your baby's growth more amazing and amusing, then from that a mother needs to give the toys that stimulate motor development and coordination. Although many babies have behaved like eating at this age, but do not rush to give it before the age of 6 months.

At this age stage, the baby teeth begin to grow, a baby will experience pain during the first dentition. causing pain often fussy baby is always followed by increased body temperature, although not causing a high fever. As for the signs of having a baby teething, among others:
1. Fussing and crying more frequently at night.
2. Many salivating.
3. Always bite to reduce pain.
4. Blushing.
5. Body temperature rose slightly (no more 39 C)
6. Swollen and red gums.
7. Decreased appetite.
8. Frequently requested or reject milk.
9. Do not sleep soundly

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3 Comments“Growth of Babies Age 4-6 Months ..”
sewa mobil said...
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oh senangnya kalau mempunyai bayi yang mungil

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