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The Way to Get a Boy or Girl.

Child is a gift of Almighty, we should try to keep as well as possible according to the capability that we have, but we should not accept destiny and as such without trying to exchange, right? Hahaha ... the following tips for planning a new family will have children, the daughters or girls, or in terms of medical science have planned from the beginning, one of the famous method is the chromosome genes, genes kromoson of women are XX and men are XY.

XY chromosome (male), sperm size is smaller, the living is low, but moving faster (aggressive) compared with the XX chromosome is greater.

XX chromosome (female).
Sperm size larger, but the strong power of life more slow.

There are a few things that can be done to improve the opportunities to get a baby male or female:
1. Related at the time of the occurrence of intimate ovulation (fertile period) will give more opportunities to get boys, because the XY sperm tend to be more rapid and tends to reach more egg cells first. but if you want the opportunity to touch the girls made 3 days or more before ovulation. how to know the fertile period is occurred 14 days before the first period on the next month, of course, for women who have a regular menstrution cycle.

2.Ph in the area of femininity also very important. The state of acid on his wife will kill more sperm XY, XX so that the pass will result in children is women. Instead degrees basa will release XY sperm and easier to get the dead.

3. Potition and depth of penetration when exposed. The more shallow or near the vagina will result women generally, and more deepest that will result in more boys.

4. Depends on the amount of sperm also. The number of sperm that will be more opportunities to improve boys, men should more often use a loose-fitting trousers. This is due to increase fertility in which testis requires a lower temperature so that sperm can survive and because of XY sperm vitality is weak, then this way will be more on sperm from XX but not recommended if you do it vice versa (men wearing tights ). For women, children, men should warm the water bath immediately prior to intimate touch. other ways that must be considered also is expected to pay your long and possible wife orgasme already, then your relationship sexs . If your wife not orgasme, then the level of acidity Miss V will be larger so that it can kill sperm if the number of sperm XY. Moreover, if the number of XY sperm less..

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