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Benefits of walking for pregnant woman

Feelings of fear and worry often come on the mother whom pregnant is. Medically, such conditions affect the growth of fetus in the womb, until the changes occur in the body's genes. Conversely, when during pregnancy, pregnant mother should feel glad and happy all the time so that the baby in the womb will grow optimally.

Pregnant woman must always be diligent and control consulting a doctor about his pregnancy. The growth of fetus in the belly of a mother affected by genetic factors and race, Feed nutrition, environment, lifestyle and health of the mother. Psychological factors often create a bond tends to be angry, so the mother can affect the fetus to grow flowers. Ties of the soul was through touch, music and nerve stimulation. Should not only the mother but the father must also interact in the fetus in the womb of the mother, such as talking with the mother in the stomach.

For pregnant woman who want to be free from pain and comfortable during childbirth, surgery can also become a caesar alternative routes. Surgery Caesar means the baby through the womb or out does not pass the way of birth with insisi (incision) skin and uterus (womb pregnant woman).

A normal birth is not without risk and the birth of caesar also not without risk, but opinions from several experts, are recommended for birth naturally, children are born naturally will resistance have a stronger body of born with caesar. Therefore one of the sport in the pregnant women are walking as much as possible, you can do in the morning or evening, but depand on the condition of pregnant women also, if it is not possible within walking distance and do not do it..

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