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Breast care during pregnancy

Breast is a female body part that is used to distribute food and other vitamins needed for baby during breastfeeding, breast changes the form and not beautiful again and not solid, it's going naturally, it's the breast care is needed before the birth and can be done during the pregnancy itself.

Breast care during pregnancy has many benefits, among that, it's can stimulate gland-water production of breast so many breastfeeding and smoothly, know-deviation difference in early breast and make efforts to overcome, also more than that to prepare for the mental (psychological) for breastfeeding mothers .

Stages of breast care :
a. Age 3 months of pregnancy.
There are some conditions nipple pregnant woman, have nipple or even enter into treatment can be done with the basic massage nipple slowly using both index finger or thumb, the area around the nipple sorted to the opposite direction to the primary breast until all the breast. Conducted twice a day for 6 menit.

b. Age 6-9 months of pregnancy, breast care can be made as follows:
1. Giving both mother breast with palm coconut oil, on the nipple areola until mamae (the area around the stalk with a darker color) with a compressed coconut oil for 2-3 minutes. So that it can soften the dirt attached to the nipple and easily cleaned. Do not do the cleaning breast using alcohol or other irritation of the nipple can cause abrasions, hold the second nipple drawn ago, played to the direction in and to the outside (the opposite direction and counter-clockwise).

2. Hold the base breast with both hands, the hilt as 30 times a day. Massage the areola mamae to exit 1-2 drops. Clean the nipple and surrounding areas with a towel to dry and clean.

3. Finally, do not use the cover a narrow breast, use a loose cover breast

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