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Morning Sickness of Pregnant Woman

The expectant mother often complained about the symptoms of pregnancy, which is one of them is the "Morning Sick." This phenomenon generally occurs in the morning, and for pregnant women who are working. Morning Sick is not a disease but a natural phenomenon experienced in every mother who is pregnant, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy entered. Symptoms of Morning Sick among that the head felt very dizzy, stomach felt queasy, so that often cause vomiting, This is because hormone changes that occur, that this case can not be avoided in women who are pregnant or contain.

Adequate rest is needed at this time, so it can reduce the dizziness and nausea, also will be reduced in a certain period. some common symptoms experienced during the Morning Sick:

1. Symptoms of nausea, these symptoms often occur in the morning, although there are some mothers having in the day and night, this is caused by a condition because the stomach is empty. Some of them are often vomit smell of food, perfume and even toothbrushes, and not infrequently the initial favorite food as but now, we changed to the very food we hate because the smell that is excluded from the food, in this case you can consume one drugs that were recommended by a doctor that is proactive, cedantron the drugs can be a few options for you to overcome the nausea.

2. Headache, Symptoms are common at Morning Sick, but it can also arise because of factors on the flu suffered by pregnant women, so that not infrequently we often view worm. Some prevention can you do with the flu or take medicine for a sore head on with a light dose, this is done to prevent side effects on the fetus. Some examples of drugs that have dizziness and light dose can be analsick consumption is, or if your doctor has a recommendation on a particular medication you may consult further with your doctor womb.

So for those of you who have mothers Morning Sick of course you do not need to worry more in them, the most natural and most important is the condition of your body guard, so you can undergo routinity.

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