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Pregnant woman and sleep

Pregnant woman in the early trimester does not have a problem with any position sleeping, because the baby in the womb, not too big, not to give a specific reaction, and if pregnant woman are usually engaged as before pregnancy. The prone position in this trimester pregnant woman in the breast enlargement, breast enlargement will affect pregnant woman sleeping position and entered the age of 14 weeks of pregnancy, prone sleep position will not be comfortable, put a pillow on the thigh can be done because stomach the start up.

Sleeping with recumbent position, enter the age of 16 weeks of pregnancy should not recumbent sleeping, because sleeping with a recumbent position laying all your weight to the back of the uterus, bowel, and the inferior vena Cava. Sleeping with recumbent position can increase the risk of lumbago, hemorrhoids, and digestive disturbances, and disrupt breathing and circulation. and does not provide a sense of comfort on the pregnant woman and babies.

Sleeping position is recommended for pregnant woman is on the sloping position to the left side because this position gives advantage for your baby to get the flow of blood and nutrients to the maximum plasenta because of the large vena (inferior vena Cava) in the back of the right to restore the blood spina from the bottom of the body to the heart. Besides that, sloping position to sleep can help the left side of the kidney to dispose of the remaining products and body fluids from the mother so that the swelling in the feet, hands and feet on pregnant woman. Sleeping position with sloping to the right is also good, you can change the position of right-sloping left to make your sleeping more comfortable.

Recumbent sleep in 16 weeks is not dangerous for your baby, at the beginning of the pregnant woman sleeping position has been canted to the left or right, but If you awakened the night and find you sleeping recumbent, do not worry, the mother needs to do is just go back to the position of italics. information on pregnancy, the belly is up, along with other conditions such as cramps, urinating often, false contraction, the baby is kicking your stomach, a sense of increased stomach acid that causes the mother will awakened several times at night so the mother would have changed the position of sleeping several times and therefore so does not automatically sleep with recumbent position. Sleeping with a sloping position more comfortable place a pillow between your thigh and one on your brisket. Or you can buy a special pillow for pregnant woman.

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