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Prepare Yourself Before Pregnancy

Couples had been married expect the presence of children who will forward the offspring, normally, the couple have good healthy and fertile, so that the presence of children does not mean that takes time, the pregnant mother directly, but it's also rare that we sometimes have to take attendance for a child or prefers to delay the child's presence in their family, there are reasons that have not been mentally prepared, economic, career reasons, and so forth. the couple mental preparation such as drastic changes in pregnant women who often make emotions so unstable, so a more sensitive, does not hold smell particular, often feel sick, angry easily, or we call that morning sickness . physical preparation must also be considered such as the belly of the big, full breasts, weight gain continued, so do not beautifull anymore on her husband's eyes, and other.

Here are some preparation to be done by a woman before pregnancy:

1. healthy food and nutrition must be completed. increase consumption of fruit and vegetables and low fat.

2. sporting regularly. You must sport at least 30 minutes a day. If can do it every day.

3. Sleeping with the regular and sufficient. You should get this so that your body has enough rest every night.

4. Drink multivitamin every day, including 400 microgram acid folat.

5. Go to the doctor to do physical examination for the preparation of pregnancy.

6. Finally, avoid drug, smoking habits and alcohol drinking.

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