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Medical check up before pregnancy

There are some medical check up you should done before you want to get a baby :
1. Torch medical check up can be performed to detect possible disease in the four woman, namely toksoplasmosis, rubella (German measles), cytomegallo virus, herpes and sex, which can make a baby in the womb with disabilities. This should be done before pregnancy. especially in woman who have daily direct contact with animals such as cats, not immunized German measles (MMR), active and often turns sexual, or free sex.

2. Besides that, if ever feel have take with the sexual contract the disease syphilis, or suspected to have the disease, or had contact gonorrhea, there is no one to ensure the examination of blood.

3. Medical check up of blood is also very important to do, ABO blood factors, and also rhesus factor. in addition to ABO blood group incompatibility, can be problematic for the composition of couples. So, should need to know before anything happens.

4. Checking of genetic counseling should also be done if there is suspicion candidate pair has a congenital disease, such as the difference in the blood of his family, especially when married to blood relatives of the adjacent line. Gen weak and disabled who meet with gen weakness and disability will be delivered the same descendants of the disabled, and this often happens if the marriage with close blood lines (incest).

5. Do not forget, make sure that what has been immune to Hepatitis B. Pregnant women with Hepatitis B can be a bad influence on the baby in the womb. therefore, the certainty of whether the contract Hepatitis B virus, often without obvious symptoms and complaints, much needs to be done days before the marriage.

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