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Signs of pregnant woman

Needs to study to ascertain whether a particular woman is pregnant or not from the subjective and objective data found on the woman. Subjective data is all that felt or experienced by woman who are pregnant or with symptoms it., while objective data are all things that can be observed by others one to woman who is pregnant or it's often termed by the signs of pregnancy. Sign of pregnancy divided into a sign of pregnancy certainly, and uncertainly signs of pregnancy.

Symptoms of uncertain Pregnancy

This phenomenon indicates that pregnancy in woman is uncertain, but this phenomenom often in natural pregnant woman too,because it is still possible that the aberration symptoms or signs to give the same it. For example, in woman with pseudosiesis (woman who are pregnant wants) then the symptoms of pregnancy will also feel it, even though the woman are not actually pregnant, are:
1. Woman have menstrual cycles that come every month and regularly, if there is no bleeding, then this is the first symptom of a pregnant woman. It is important to note the date the first day of last period to determine the age of pregnancy and estimate the date of birth. Simple formula that determines the date of birth and date plus 7 days reduced 3, calculated from the date of the first period last.

2. Nausea and vomiting, followed or not often happen in the first month of pregnancy, especially in the morning (morning sickness)

3. Crave or want something that good food, drink or anything else, often, a big appetite but does not have a meal that tastes good.

4. Interference defecate because of hormonal influences.

5. Urinate frequently, especially when the pregnancy is large.

6. Sometimes pregnant woman can swoon at the crowd, especially in the early months of pregnancy.

7. There is no appetite, may be related with nausea above.

Sign of Pregnancy certainly

If woman have symptoms of pregnancy above to ensure women are advised to consult the experts (doctors), doctors will ensure that pregnant or not if you have signs of the following:
1. If the grapple is felt in the belly of the embryo and fetus movement.

2. Examination using Doppler to hear the heart tap fetus.

3. On USG examination to see pictures of fetus.

4. Roentgen examination in the picture frame look fetus.

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