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Tips for Giving your Baby Names ..

Name a child sometimes is prayer by the parents, or parents' expectations of their children in the future. For that the name of the baby / child you should be prepared well. Here are tips to name the baby / your child:

1. Defining Themes. Before starting a search word and the meaning of the word to your baby, would that if you first formulate together with my wife / husband and you, the concept of naming the baby for you, whether western, Islamic or traditional. However, It is the parents do a combination of them, this is not a matter of providing consistent and positive meaning. For example Dhania (Hebrew) Anindyaswari Puspitaningtyas (Javanese Kawi), which means a woman who has a clear heart and smell of flowers in the garden

2. Beautiful sound. Not only good in the sense, and also good if be sound. But not vice versa, good be sound but less precise in its meaning, as the word "Mahesa" which means "cow".

3. Own Positive Meaning. In addition to sound beautiful, as mentioned above that the name of the child is a prayer, for it should name the child has a positive in looking from various perspectives, and do not have a duality of meaning. For example, the use of the word "Nara" in sanscrit means "Son of Man" in Islam but can mean "Hell" (Naar). This will cause uncomfortable feelings in the future for the small

4. Pronounced easy. Besides a positive means, also sounds beautiful when spoken should be easy so easy be remember. For example, names such as Vigneshvara or less Solskjaer will make us as the tongue to the east be speak it.

5. Easily called. Ease of connection with the beheading syllable baby name / your child. If not possible in the case of beheading, but you have been late with a name like the word calling find my name baby that represent you, such as for example: Billy for William, Andy for Andrew, for Didit Raditya, Lala, and so forth for the Aquila

6. Available Sex. A good name is the name reflects is a gender of the owner. For example Nareshwara name, Caroline, is ramadhani names that reflect the name of the daughter of Muhammad, Nurendra, Nicholas is a name that reflects a son. Avoid names with the opposite type of her sex especially meaningful ambigue, as this can often be make the child-friend of derision park.

7. Never Too Long. Preparation of a series of words should not be too long. Try a maximum of 3 syllable composer, for example, Pradipta Adicandra Nala (One man with a luminous heart) or Muhammad Abian Fahreza (), to avoid the effect of high-flown and did not return.

8. Avoid Giving the name is not rightly. All you need to avoid in the name of the small is to use the name of one of pesohor () because the negative effects that may appear akan inherent in the small and the name of angels (Gabriel, Munkar, etc.) and names using "is" because the name - the name is not for humans. "Almighty" is owned by God alone.

9. Baby Name ideas. Vocabulary name of the baby / child you can get you through a variety of sources, such as the jawa kawi dictionary, dictionary sanscrit dictionary india (www.sabdakos.com), reception students announcements in newspapers and so forth. Can also name a combination of both of your names such as "Ardhanu" which is a combination of the names of parents Arum and Vishnu

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thanks my friends, u've give me new idea for my baby name...

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